Josie Grove Designs (Co.No. 06182326) Run by Josie's family in order to preserve her last wishes.

Not affiliated with or connected to any charitable organisation or Trust.

Josie Grove Designs Ltd. was established in March 2007 to fulfil Josie's dream of being a famous designer. The purpose of the company was to make and distribute the precious and meaningful dragonfly pendant that she had designed in order to give a little 'strength, courage and happiness to others going through cancer treatment.

Even though she was extremely poorly at the time, Josie was involved in every detail of her pendant design from  the delicate filigree wings to the words embossed on the back of the pendant. The designs were sent off to be made and Josie managed to hold on just long enough to see the first two stunning pendants returned to her completely finished, one in silver and a special gold one that she wore.

Sadly Josie passed away just 3 days after seeing her very first two pendant designs realized, but she was so excited when they arrived. She was really happy with the result and proudly showed them to her visitors.

Josie died content in the knowledge that her dragonfly pendant would be her parting gift to the world with her family making sure her silver pendants would carry on giving strength, courage & happiness to others after she was gone.

Josie, her family and her company have raised many thousands of pounds for various charities and organisations that support children with cancer.

Josie's family continue to honour her last wish by gifting her original silver pendant design exclusively to children and young people going through Bone Marrow Transplants within the hospitals where Josie was treated.

Josie went through two Bone Marrow Transplants in an attempt to cure her Leukaemia. It is a process that requires a huge amount of strength, courage and as much happiness as you can muster during an extremely long and difficult period of confinement. The BMT patients and their families really appreciate and benefit from the special gift of Josie's pendant.


It was very important to Josie that her necklace had a real value so that it would always be treasured. Every effort is made to ensure that each precious piece is made to the highest possible standard.

Each pendant is made using solid sterling silver and is created from a mold taken from the original master pattern which was seen and approved by Josie.

The words Strength, Courage & Happiness are embossed on the back of each pendant as Josie had wished


Josie chose a dragonfly as the motif for her pendant because of it's symbolism which she discovered through an old dragonfly fable which had given her a great deal of comfort as she moved towards the end of her life.

In the fable a dragonfly starts his life as a waterbug, living with its family in a pond. One day he has the urge to leave and not knowing what is above, he climbs up a waterlily stem and out of the pond. There he breaks free from his old body and is transformed into a beautiful winged dragonfly. There in his new world he happily hovers above the pond in the warm sunlight where, even though he can't return, he can watch over his water bug family'

Dragonflies have been on the earth since the age of dinosaurs and have been recognised as spiritual creatures in many cultures and over many centuries.

They are often seen as messengers from heaven and because of the way they transform from waterbugs into beautiful dragonflies. They also represent the beginning of a beautiful new life (perhaps the reason they are a popular themes for weddings)

Dragonflies represent a free spirit, they remind us that life is short and should be lived to the full and most importantly they are symbols of Strength Courage and Happiness which Josie had in abundance and which she wanted to give others


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Josie had an incredibly positive attitude during the whole of her her long illness which began when she was diagnosed with a rare and very difficult type of Acute Myeloid, aged just 14. 

She underwent very harsh chemotherapy, total body radiation and two bone Marrow Transplants. She spent many months in hospital on and off with a total of 20 weeks in isolation rooms at 3 different hospitals, unable to see or interact with her siblings or friends.

Josie's treatment was often difficult and she had times when there were some complications. But throughout her treatment Josie was strong and courageous, preferring to spend her time on the ward making others feel happy rather than thinking about her own situation.

After years of treatment, Josie was finally told that nothing more could be done - But thanks to donations and money she raised, Josie was able to spent her last weeks supporting other children with cancer which gave her a huge sense of achievement.

Josie's family take great comfort from knowing how she would delight in seeing her pendants still bringing strength, courage and happiness to young cancer patients going through Bone Marrow Transplant. They believe that each pendant passes on a little piece of Josie's beautiful soul.